“Creating Listening Environments
 for the Hard of Hearing”

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Advanced Listening

designs and installs assistive listening devices in public places for the hard of hearing.

 Listening Systems

Listening Systems

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Short term work noise, permanent damage14 November 2014

Bilateral cochlear implants give the best language development10 November 2014

4-6 cups of coffee per day may reduce tinnitus03 November 2014

Parkinson’s disease may also result in hearing loss27 October 2014

High rate of hearing loss among professional musicians20 October 2014

17% of all Swedes now have a hearing loss13 October 2014

Hearing loss and noise in the workplace can be a dangerous cocktail10 October 2014

Kiss star was born with hearing condition06 October 2014

Hand driers, French horns and fireworks can cause hearing loss01 October 2014

Parental survey shows barriers for children with hearing loss and families29 September 2014